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The Watchman Music Ministry is the official Music Arm of the Watchman Catholic Charismatic Renewal Movement: an End-Time Ministry raised by God to prosecute a definite Three-Fold End-Time Project, namely:

Raising A Great Army Of Believers For An Imminent Great Harvest Of Souls
Bringing About A Great Harvest Of Souls And Revival In The Church.
Fulfilling The Pre-Rapture Necessity

Being an integral part of the Watchman Ministry and a key player in the prosecution of the above vision, the Watchman Music Ministry takes full charge of setting the special End-Time Gospel Project to music. She also makes music that gives different shades of colours, moods, and essence to the project the Watchman is handling. In this way, the Watchman Music Ministry is fondly referred to as the Embellishers of the Watchman Ministry.