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MEET CONTESTANT #2 – Ufomba Constance-gifted hands post thumbnail

Dear Viewers, friends, family, colleagues, brethren, My name is Ufomba Constance-gifted hands, with tag number MTH/GF/02 and my category is voice. I fellowship at Tedi parish (Agric District) of the Watchman Catholic Chrismatic Renewal Movement (WCCRM). I hail from Abia State and I am 22 years old. I’m an undergraduate at the University of Nigeria, Nsukka, studying Pure and Industrial Chemistry. I’m so passionate about music, particularly songs that inspires (singspiration), reading and Athletics. I love being happy too, and music does that for me. I think I should be voted for because, I believe in the art of music and how much wonders it can work if sung well. I’ve put in my efforts psychologically, spiritually, practically and theoretically to ensure that I become the winner. I know with God’s grace and your vote, I’ll emerge the winner of the music talent harvest 2020. Thank you so much.


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