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1. Praise be to God
The Self-existing One
Who has no beginning
Nor has He the end of days
He is the Creator }
The Lord of all } 2ce

O praise be to God }2 ce
The Self-existing One }2 ce
Who has no beginning }2 ce
Nor has He end of days }2 ce

2. Praise be to God
The God Almighty
Who made Heaven and Earth
An’ all the things made without
Both the angels and all flesh }2ce
By the Word of His mouth. }2ce

3. Praise be to God
The Omniscient One
Who sees every secret
All the thoughts of our hearts
The Omnipresent One }2ce
Both in Heaven and on Earth }2ce

4. Praise be to God
He existed by Himself
Let us praise the mystery
Of the Holy Three in One
Father, Son and Holy Ghost }2ce
Three Persons, but One God. } 2ce


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