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1. Oh praise the Lord, the Lord
For He is good
His judgments just, His mercy
Doth endure
From Zion’s hill praise ye
The Lord of Heaven,
Praise in the heights and
All ye stars of light.

Kings of the earth, yes
Judges great and small,
Great is our God,
Great is our God,
Ye mountains, hills,
Ye stormy winds that call,
Great is our God,
Great is our God.

2. He knows our ways,
The starry host He numbered
Their paths He laid, He calleth
Them by name;
He lifted up and helps
The meek and lowly
And casteth down, the wicked
In their ways.


3. When I look up into the
Heaven’s splendour,
The starry host, as far as
Eye doth see;
I see His face in all of
Heaven’s glory
And feel the tug, His gentle
Hand on me.

4. When I survey the wondrous
Work at calvary,
My heart and soul as yet
Can’t understand:
For what is man that Thou
Didst visit Him,
Did glory crown, set o’er
The works of Thy hands


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