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1. Upon life’s boundless ocean where
mighty billows roll,
I’ve fixed my hope in Jesus, blest
anchor of my soul;
When trials fierce assail me as
strorms are gath’ring o’er,
I rest upon His mercy and trust Him

I’ve anchored in Jesus,
The storms of life I’ll brave,
I’ve anchored in Jesus, I fear no
wind or wave,
I’ve anchored in Jesus for He hath
pow’r to save,
I’ve anchored to the Rock of Ages.

2. He keeps my soul from evil and
gives me blessed peace,
His voice hath stilled the waters and
bid their tumult cease;
My Pilot and Deliv’rer, to Him I all
For always when I need Him, He’s
at my side.

3. He is my Friend and Savior, in Him
my anchor’s cast,
He drives away my sorrows and
shields me from the blast;
By faith I’m looking upward beyond
life’s troubled sea,
There I behold a haven prepared for


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