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1. Out of James one twenty-two Comes a call for Juniors true.
Who will live for Christ the risen
Listen to this trumpet call
Ringing out to one and all,
Be ye doers of the Word.


Be ye doers of the Word,
Be ye doers of the Word,
Be ye doers of the Word,
And not hearers, not hearers only,
Be ye doers of the Word.

2. We would strive for Christ to live; Time and talents we would give;
We would follow Jesus all the way:
Tithes and offerings we would
We would work and pray and sing
For the Master every day.

3. Kind to others we would be,
Jesus likeness they would see;
We would keep our bodies clean
and strong:
We would strive in school and play
To learn lessons and obey,
Live for right and conquer wrong.

4. Let us serve with all our might;
Let us stand for truth and right,
Always living for the risen Lord:
Come and join our happy throng;
Sing with us our joyous song,
ABe ye doers of the Word.


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