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1. When I first found Jesus something
o’er me stole,
Like lightning it went through me,
and glory filled my soul;
Salvation made me happy and took
my fears away,
And when I meet old Satan to Him I
always say:

I am determined to hold out to the
Jesus is with me, on Him I can
And I know I have salvation, for I
feel it in my soul,
I am determined to hold out to the

2. Satan, He was angry, said he’d soon
be back,
Just let the path get narrow, and he
will lose the  track;
But I’m so full of glory, my Lord I
always find,
And I just say to Satan, Old man,
get thee behind.

3. This old time religion makes
sometimes shout,
I don’t have time to gossip nor any
time to pout;
They say that I’m too noisy, but
when these blessings flow,
I shout, O hallelujah, I want the
world to know.

4. When I hear the trumpet sounding
in the sky,
And see the mountains trembling, to
heaven, I will fly;
For Jesus will be calling, there’ll be
no time to mend,
With joy I’ll go up singing, AI’ve
held out to the end.


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