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1. If to Christ our only King
Men redeemed we strive to bring,
Just one way may this be done-
We must win them one by one.

So you bring the one next to you,
And I’ll bring the one next to me;
In all kinds of weather, we’ll all
work together,
And see what can be done;
If you’ll bring the one next to you,
And I bring the one next to me,
In no time at all we’ll have them
So win them, win them one by one.

2. Side by side we stand each day,
Saved are we, but lost are they;
They will come if we but dare
Speak a word backed up by prayer.

3. Only cowards dare refuse,
Dare this gift of God mis-use;
Ere some friends goes to his grave,
Speak a word his soul to save.

4. Not for hope of great reward
Turn men’s hearts unto the Lord;
Just to see a saved man smile
Makes the effort well worth while.


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