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1. The God who led His people thro’
the parted sea,
And from Egyptian bondage, set
His children free,
Who rain’d down bread from
heaven all the pilgrim way,
Is the God to whom I pray.

Just the same today, just the same
As when He led His people thro’
the sea;
His trustful child I’ll be, for in His
word I see,
The God who doeth wonders is just
the same today .

2. The God who rescued Daniel from
the lion’s den,
And from the fiery furnace, sav’d
the three young men,
Who speaks, and constellations will
His voice obey,
Is the God to whom I pray.

3. The God who stills the tempest with
a word divine,
And on the clouds of sorrow, makes
His rainbows shine,
Who from the tomb of Jesus rolled
the stone away,
Is the God to whom I pray.

4. The God who clothes the lily in its
robe of snow,
Who in the barren desert makes His
rivers flow;
The God who lifts the sinner from
the miry clay,
Is the God to whom I pray.


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