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1. There’s a land of peace and plenty,
and its gates are open wide;
And the pure in heart and holy in its
shelter may abide,
It is not thro’ gates of glory that a
soul must enter in;
But all who would find entrance
there must leave the ways of sin.

Come over, come over, to the land
of corn and wine,
There is nothing can compare with
the many holy pleasures there,
Come over, come over, leave the
desert plain below and come away,
Away, come o…ver.

2. There is bread of heaven growing,
in its fair and fertile fields,
And the wine of love its vineyard to
the thirsting mortal yields;
There are mountain heights of glory
that await the trav’lers too,
And blest retreats where empty
souls draw nearer unto God.

3. Who would stay without its borders,
in the desert dark and drear,
When the luscious grapes of eschol
are so very, very near?
Enter in then with rejoicing, for the
Lord is on your side,
And in His glorious presence ever
more shall abide.


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