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1. Too late, will be for you to cry,
When mercy’s day has passed you
When solemn night, of dark despair,
Shall come upon you halting there!

Too late, too late, poor trembling
O will this be your fate?
Too late, too late to be made whole!
Too late, too late, too late!

2. Too late, when death has barred the
Your wailings can be heard no
Rejected there, thy soul will be
Shut out, thro’ all eternity!

3. Will you not heed the voice today,
Inviting you Christ to obey?
And be prepared to enter there,
A pure and spotless robe to wear?

4. No longer, there in sin abide!
This all important step decide!
Come out, where Christ can touch
thy soul,
And at this moment be made whole!


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