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1. AChrist hath redeemed us sing the
glad word!
Mercyโ€™s sweet, message be telling.
How, through the ransom made by
His blood,
Christ now within us is dwelling.

Christ hath redeemed us Praise
to His name!
Praise Him, ye angels in glory!
AChrist hath redeemed us,
bearing our shame;
Tell out the wonderful story!

2. AChrist hath redeemed us making
us free,
Free from the sins that enslaved us;
Never in bondage more can we be,
Trusting in Him who hath saved us.

3. AChrist hath redeemed us we are
His own,
Purchased by blood – He will hold
Nor will He ever leave us alone,
Safely His arms shall enfold us.

4. Christ hath redeemed us soon
with the throng
Gathered in glory weโ€™ll meet Him;
Oh, with what rapture join in the
When face to face we shall greet


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