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1. Of gifts and pow’rs miraculous
Endowments rare we sing,
Equipment of anointed hearts
Shed forth by Christ the King,
Design’d from heaven God’s light
and pow’r
To helpless earth to bring.

2. O blest diversity of gifts,
The Spirit’s Super-Sense
Strong currents of Infinity,
Gleams of Omniscience,
Outpourings of Almightiness,
That Risen Hands dispense!

3. O blessed proofs of living love
In Apostolic days,
Rejected long by formal minds-
Now, to God’s endless praise,
Re-risen in this later age
Like dawn’s returning blaze!

4. Shine forth in richer radiance,
Break out in rarer might,
In miracles and mighty signs,
In this earth’s darkling night,
That once again Thy Church may be
Victorious in the fight.

5. O may Thy members, Mighty
Most earnestly desire,
Most covetously thirst once more,
Most fervently aspire,
Till each arises furnished new
With ministries of fire!

6. Shall we neglect God’s glorious
His gospel to speed?
Shall we despise rear instruments
Of evangelic deed?
Lord, once again give gifts to men
In this late hour of need.


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