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1. When the trumpet shall sound, and
the dead shall arise,
And the splendors immortal shall
envelope the skies,
When the angel of death shall no
longer destroy,
And the dead shall awaken in the
morning of joy.

In the morning of joy,
In the morning of joy,
Weโ€™ll be gathered to glory
In the morning of joy;
In the morning of joy.

2. When the King shall appear, in His
beauty on high,
And shall summon His children to
the courts of the sky,
Shall the cause of the Lord have
been all your employ,
That your soul may be spotless in
the morning of joy?

3. O the bliss of that morn when our
loved ones we meet,
With the songs of the ransomed we
each other shall greet,
Singing praise to the Lamb, throโ€™
eternityโ€™s years,
With the past all forgotten with its
sorrows and tears.


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