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1. Storms do not alarm me,
They sometime must cease,
Trials cannot harm me,
For I have blessed peace,
All love left behind me,
I long for no more,
Better things shall find me,
On Canaan’s shore.

Let those who will stay in Egypt
I am bound for Canaan
Where milk and honey flowing,
Shall ev’ry need supply,
All battles fought and
The victory won,
Peace and joy my portion,
My soul shall rest
On its shore by and by.

2. Troubles do not fret me,
They cannot abide,
Tho’ they may beset me,
In Jesus, I will hide;
All the world’s commotion
About me may roar,
There’s no stormy ocean
On Canaan’s shore.

3. I in grace abiding,
Am trying to stay,
In the shadow hiding
Of Canaan’s perfect day;
All I trust may fail me,
will matter no more,
Nothing can assail me
On Canaan’s shore.


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